Try online pokies with a welcome bonus!

  • Saturday, Jan 23, 2021

As if playing on the one-armed bandits was not exciting enough, some operators offer you even more. Playing with a welcome bonus makes things even more special. At nz-online-casino you can see how it works exactly. Play with some extra funds in your account or receive some free spins to try a game. Or even receive both for the full pleasure. In most casinos, you will get a generous welcome as a new player. After all, casinos are in fierce competition amongst each other, which is good for you.

Because you are worth it

There are so many online casinos out there that for you as a rookie player, the choice can be really difficult. This fierce competition means that the casinos have to do everything within their rights and within their powers to attract their customers. The reality is also that casinos could not survive without their customers. For you this means that you are getting spoilt with bonuses for your signup, your first deposit, sometimes even for further deposits and so on. Add to that the odd few free spins.

Making customers happy starts with the first few actions they take in a casino. Many a casino even offers free spins with no deposit - just as a gift for signing up. These free spins can be used on the pokies, though most often, the offer is limited to one particular game. This can be a new game or sometimes one of the ultimate classics. The aim is to make you happy straight away and to give you a taste of gambling with the slot machines.

Different types of bonuses

By far the most common type of bonus you will meet is the match bonus. It matches your payments into your account by a pre-defined margin. Very often casinos would double the amount of your first deposit for example. This is then also called a 100 % bonus. In most cases, these bonus are limited to a certain deposit amount and you may have to reach a certain minimum amount with your deposit. Different bonuses can have different margins, so always read the bonus conditions carefully.

Another form of a bonus are the free spins. These are aimed directly at the pokies. Casinos can have different motivations to offer you free spins. Quite often, they are a reward for something, your signup for example - or a certain amount of revenue that you made in a certain game. Many welcome bonuses not only include a deposit bonus, but also an amount of free spins. To keep you happy for a few days after you signed up, these are often credited in batches over a week or so.

The comforts of a welcome bonus

Gambling should mainly be a good pastime. Financial aspects should be secondary, but honestly, once the chance is there to win actual money, don't we all become a bit hungry? We all want more and more. But to win more, you have to play more. Playing more does not come for free however. For you not to have to deposit your own hard earned money all the time, casinos offer you bonuses. These help you getting started without having to put much strain onto your bank account.

Effectively, you can take a deep look into a new casino by using the generous welcome offer that you get. Deposit bonuses in particular give you a financial kind of stamina that goes a long way. At least it goes way longer than the 10 or 20 free spins you may get after you signed up. Depending on how aggressive you want to be on the pokies, a good 100 % make last hours, if not days. In between all, you might also have the odd win that adds up to your balance too.


Can I try several welcome bonuses at once?

The question should not even be whether you can do this. Actually, you are way better off trying several casinos' welcome offers at once to start with. Once you have found a personal favourite, you may stick to that, but even then, you can still test the waters in other casinos every now and then. The good thing abou this: There are so many new casinos popping up all the time that you will not have to worry about finding new bonus offers at any time.